Editing Journal Special Issues

During the last three years, I have had the privilege to work together with some of the most amazing minds in the field of media production, management, and work studies: Henry Jenkins (USC), John Banks (QUT), and Tim Marjoribanks (Melbourne). Together with these friends I guest co-edited special issues of what I consider to be among the most inspiring and diverse academic journals in our field:

- Convergence (volume 14/1 of 2008, on convergence culture with Henry);
- International Journal of Cultural Studies (volume 12/5 of 2009, on co-creative labor with John); and
- Journalism (volume 10/5 of 2009 on newswork, with Tim).

If you are interested and active in research, teaching, or taking courses related to media work, labor, production, management, and industries, I hope and suggest you check these special issues out. They feature some of the best scholars in these fields, both upcoming talent and well-established stars. I want to use this blogpost to record my sincere thanks and deep appreciation for the work of Henry, Tim, and John. It has been a tremendous experience editing these journals (which in turn also inspired me to edit a book-length volume, on which you can expect some more info soon (working title: "Managing Media Work"), as its full manuscript has just been sent to the publisher...