Media Life (1.0) Out and About

For the last couple of years, a dynamic group of graduate students and I have been working, on and off, on the "media life" concept. This work translates into a University Division course (with 400+ students from all over campus every semester), a study guide and series of slideshows, and a book (published in 2011 with Polity Press) exploring the theory and praxis of considering our lives lived in, rather than with, media.

From the Fall of 2009 until the deadline for the book manuscript (December 2010), I am taking the working paper and argument outline of this work on the road - generally close to home. Below are some dates of planned presentations, and if you are around for any of those, I do hope to see and talk with you there. Furthermore, Peter Blank, Laura Speers and I co-authored a working paper on media life, which is archived at (and can be downloaded from) IU ScholarWorks (a Dutch language version is archived there as well).

As always, any thoughts or comments are much appreciated, either here, in class, on the road, or via email.

Media Life presentations

November 6 - Department of Telecommunications, Indiana University Bloomington (LINK)
November 9 - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (LINK)
November 12 - Communicatiecongres, Bussum, The Netherlands (LINK)
November 17 - Young New Media Researchers Seminar, University of Wroclaw, Poland (LINK)
December 3 - Captains Diner Veiligheid, The Netherlands (LINK).

January 29 - Department of Sociology, Indiana University Bloomington (LINK)
March 8 - Studium Generale, Universiteit Leiden (LINK)
March 9 - Journalistiek en Nieuwe Media, Universiteit Leiden (LINK)
March 15 - University of Illinois, Chicago (LINK)
April 2 - Department of Communication and Culture, Indiana University Bloomington (LINK)
June 22-26 - Philosophy of Communication Division, International Communication Association conference, Singapore (LINK)

Dates to be confirmed:
Spring 2010 - School of Communication, Loyola University Chicago (LINK).
Fall 2010 - Studium Generale public talk at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands (LINK)