Media Life Book Outline

It has been a while, so I'd like to post an update on the writing process of Media Life (Polity lists 2012 as the publication date, but our goal is to have it available in the Fall of 2011) - if only to myself.

Please find below the final outline of the book - a slightly annotated table of contents if you will. I'll add more stuff later on (and always look forward to your comments).

• Prologue: A Media Life Moment
Tagline: Where media are everywhere and stretch our lives across time and space.

• Chapter 1: Media Life
Tagline: Where we try to live a good and beautiful media life.

• Chapter 2: The Media Today
Tagline: Where media organize all aspects of life, and dissappear.

• Chapter 3: What Media Do
Tagline: Where media record and store everything and we lose ourselves in media.

• Chapter 4: No Life Outside Media
Tagline: Where we become profiling machines

• Chapter 5: Society In Media
Tagline: Where we live in media forever

• Chapter 6: Together Alone
Tagline: Where we are closely connected to endless versions of ourselves.

• Chapter 7: In Media We Fit
Tagline: Where living in media provides social and reproductive success.

• Chapter 8: The Realities of Media Life
Tagline: Where delusion is the way to keep it real.

• Chapter 9: Life In The Mediapolis
Tagline: Where you can see yourself live.