Managing Media Work Wins Award

Very pleased to report that my edited volume, "Managing Media Work" (published in 2010 by Sage), is the recipient of the 2011 Robert Picard Book Award of the Media Management and Economics Division of the Assocation for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).

The award was presented at the 2011 AEJMC convention in St. Louis (USA), where contributing author Bozena Mierzejewska accepted the plaque in the name of all authors involved.

Obviously I'm thrilled and honored, and would like to thank the exceptional colleagues who contributed original work to the volume (listed in the order of appearance in the book):

Brian Steward, Bozena Mierzejewska, Chris Bilton, Lucy K√ľng, Terry Flew, Philip Napoli, Toby Miller, Jane Singer, Leopoldina Fortunati, Pablo J. Boczkowski, Tim Marjoribanks, Keith Randle, Alisa Perren, Charles Davis, Susan Christopherson, Liz McFall, Sean Nixon, Hackley Chris, Amy Rungpaka Tiwsakul, Marina Vujnovic, Dean Kruckeberg, Aphra Kerr, Eric Harvey, Rosalind Gill, Annet Aris, Geert Lovink, and Ned Rossiter.

Please note: an extensive review of the book (unrelated to the juried award) will appear in a forthcoming issue of the International Journal of Media Mangement.