Openings for MA/PhD Students on Media Life Projects

UPDATE [January 2012]: This call for applications for MA/PhD projects related to Media Life stays open, as we have funded and non-funded lines available every year. Please study the graduate guidelines carefully before contacting me (or indeed any of my colleagues).

It is getting close to the deadline for applying to our graduate program here at Indiana University. If you are a non-US student, the deadline is December 1 (for US students its January 15).

Of course, our Department is always looking for excellent new people to work with on various ongoing interdisciplinary studies, such as the Games@IU network, the Institute for Communications Research, as well as various projects on (new/digital/emerging) media and society at Media@IU/Digital@IU.

Beyond all of that, and especially for these upcoming years, I am looking for highly motivated people to work with us on a series of new projects related to Media Life (where we consider people's lives as lived in rather than with media). There will opportunities to connect and work with colleagues and fellow students in Journalism, Communication and Culture, the Kinsey Institute, Social Informatics, and so on.

Our graduate program consist of students from all over the world, representing a strong and mutually supportive community of peers.

If you are concerned about cost, please note the following quote regarding funding from our graduate program website:
In the Department of Telecommunications, successful applicants to the PhD program may expect guaranteed funding support as a Student Academic Appointee for three years. This will cover the costs of tuition as well as pay a stipend for living costs. Typical positions include Associate Instructor or Research Assistant.

Applicants to MS and MA programs may receive up to two years of guaranteed funding support as a Student Academic Appointee. The decision is based on merit and available department resources.
Note that your chances for a fully funded position improve substantially if you have: excellent English language skills, strong letters of recommendation from faculty mentors, and some record of academic conference presentations and/or publications. More information on how to apply is available at our graduate website.

Consider this is a call-out for students interested in pursuing a MA or PhD in the media arts and sciences! Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested in studying and living in beautiful southern Indiana... and do not hesitate to contact me for more information.