Media Life Book Talks 2012

[LAST UPDATED: October 24, 2012] With Media Life coming out NOW all over the world in August 2012 (Europe) and September 2012 (US/ROW), the next year or two will be dedicated to two projects: taking the book on the road, and starting the work on a completely updated and revised second edition of Media Work (including brand new chapters on the music industry and independent artists), and finally getting down to writing the Beyond Journalism manuscript (that has been on my desk for quite some time now). I'm also preparing two other long-term book projects with some amazing colleagues...

Here are some book presentation dates for 2012-2013:

February 10-12: At the Winter College of Indiana University, Naples Grande Beach Resort - Naples, Florida (United States).

March 4-6: Guest at the Department of Communication Studies of Wilfrid Laurier University - Waterloo, Ontario (Canada).

April 1-3: Delivering the annual Pockrass Memorial Lecture at the College of Communications of Penn State University - College Park, Pennsylvania (United States). Video of slideshow available via YouTube.

April 18: Comments at the Symposium Sociale Media (NIFV & VDMMP) in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Video of this presentation available via YouTube.

April 19: Presentation at the Creative Labor in Chaotic Times: Implications for Journalists, Authors and Innovators Symposium at Stanford University - Palo Alto, California (United States). Video of this talk available at YouTube.

May 7: Workshop/seminar at the Future of Man and Society in a Virtual World honours course at Leiden University, The Netherlands.

May 14: Keynote at the International Conference on Media and Communication at the University of Porto, Portugal.

May 22: Lecture at the Engaging Technology: New Media, Politics and Practices of Commonization PhD course of the Wageningen School of Social Sciences, Wageningen University, The Netherlands. (moved to Spring 2013)

May 24-28: Polity Press will have advance copies of Media Life available at the annual conference of the International Communication Association in Phoenix, Arizona.

June 12: Public presentation of Media Life at the School voor Journalistiek in Utrecht, The Netherlands (from noon to 2pm).

June 14: Keynote at the Summer School for Journalists of the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

June 19: Lecture (on my birthday...) at Indiana University's Mini University in Bloomington, Indiana.

June 26: panel presentation at the Citizen Science conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands (with among many excellent others Douglas Rushkoff).

and upcoming in the Fall:

August/September 2012: Media Life exhibition by Miek van Dongen at the Grunwald Gallery of Art of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Opening reception: August 24; artist talk: September 12, 6-8pm.

September 20: Media Life public lecture and research seminar "New Media, New Methods" at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

September 27: debate on media and power, sponsored by student media magazine Xi at CREA (cultural student centre of the University of Amsterdam and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam), The Netherlands, 8-10pm.

October 3: keynote at the international conference on online journalism "Towards Neo-Journalism?" organized by ULC (Louvain) and FUNDP (Namur) in Brussels, Belgium.

November 3: joint book presentation with Nick Couldry at the first annual Media@IU symposium on media and social change in Bloomington, Indiana.

November 5: joint book presentation with Nick Couldry at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

November 29: two lectures and one seminar, hosted by the School of Communication Studies, the School of Media Arts & Studies, and the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

forthcoming in 2013:

[preliminary announcement] scheduled book talks, keynotes and seminars at the 14th International Symposium on Online Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin in April; Södertörn University in Stockholm and the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the University of Oslo (Norway) in March; at the University of Haifa (Israel) in September. Hopefully I can add more date soon in Germany, Portugal, the UK, Holland, Australia, China, and the US.