A Life Lived In Media in Digital Humanities Quarterly

Just received note of the preview publication of the follow-up to our original working paper (of 2009) on the media life project, titled A Life Lived In Media and coauthored with Peter Blank (of BlankMediation in Chicago, US) and Laura Speers (of King's College in London, UK) in the excellent online open access journal Digital Humanities Quarterly (volume 6, issue 1).

In this piece, we try to give more body to the media life hypothesis - that we do not live as much with, but increasingly (and inevitably) in media - by exploring how a life as lived in media gets expression through the kind of invisibility, selectivity,creativity, sociability, and reality engendered by what we do in media.

Our abstract:
Research since the early years of the 21st century consistently shows that through the years more of our time gets spent using media, that being concurrently exposed to media has become a foundational feature of everyday life, and that consuming media for most people increasingly takes place alongside producing media. Contemporary media devices, what people do with them, and how all of this fits into the organization of our everyday life disrupt and unsettle well-established views of the role media play in society. Instead of continuing to wrestle with a distinction between media and society, this contribution proposes we begin our thinking with a view of life not lived with media, but in media. The media life perspective starts from the realization that the whole of the world and our lived experience in it are framed by, mitigated through, and made immediate by (immersive, integrated, ubiquitous and pervasive) media.

Please check it out, leave a comment (here or at the DHQ website), and let us know what you think! More papers from the media life project are listed here.