Media Life: Expanded Table of Contents

Next week Last month, at the annual International Communication Association conference (this year in Phoenix, Arizona), my publisher Polity Press will have had a preview print copy of Media Life available - we are currently putting the final touches on artwork scans.

As the book is officially scheduled to come out (and be available in your bookstore) in the UK and Europe on July 20th (less than a month later in the US and the rest of the world), let me share an expanded table of contents here - featuring chapter titles, taglines, and all subheadings (with links to relevant sources of inspiration).

Overview: In Media
  • where who you are is what media are
Chapter One: Media Life
  • where we go beyond human-machine differences and focus on living a good media life
Caught in the grip of the immediate - Life in the media city - The digital and the physical - Anthropotechnologies, humachines, inforgs and the posthuman - Prosthetic gods - Divine beings in a post-metaphysical world

Chapter Two: Media Today
  • where media organize all aspects of our everyday lives and disappear
A media archaeology of artifacts, activities and arrangements - Feeling deeply at breakneck speed - Charismatic technologies of love - The unseen disappearance of invisible media

Chapter Three: What Media Do
  • where media record and store everything and we lose ourselves in media
Welcome to the unforgettable - Mindless Martini media - Yes we can (record, store, access and redact life)! - The permanently impermanent archive

Chapter Four: No Life Outside Media
Discipline, control and suspicion - O Big Brother, wherefore art thou? - Panopticism revisited - Reverse engineering the panopticon - Beyond the panopticon

Chapter Five: Society in Media
  • where we live in media forever
We're all fucking zombies - Everything (and everyone) zombie - You are not special - Aliens in mediaspace - Digital masters and femmes digitales - Everyone knows you're (not) a dog - Survival in the metaverse

Chapter Six: Together Alone
  • where we are closely connected to endless versions of ourselves
Try to remain visible - Systemworlds, placeworlds, wikiworlds, mediaworlds - The mediated lifeworld - The world is a map in the palm of your hand - Who am I and who are you?

Chapter Seven: In Media We Fit
  • where living in media provides social and reproductive success
"I am the one, Orgasmatron" - "Take control. Get a divorce" - Darwin among the machines - Media life as survival strategy - Avatar activism - Grooming at a distance - Living in the global mediascape

Chapter Eight: Life in Media
  • where you can see yourself live, and delusion is the way to keep it real
To picture any image of yourself to yourself - It's all about me - Keeping it real - The Truman Show delusion - "The best of all possible worlds" - The art of media life