Top Twelve Albums 1984-2012

[update: March 24, 2014; needed to add one album]

It must have been 1984 when I bought my first album (on vinyl, of course), in a record store in the Woensel Winkelcentrum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Perhaps it was a Van Leest store (today part of the Free Record Shop company), I do not remember.

What I do remember, is the album in question: Black Sabbath's "Greatest Hits" in a Dutch release (originally from 1977) with part of the epic Pieter Bruegel painting ("The Triump of Death") on its cover (see image, taken from Amazon). Staring at that cover for hours, listening to equally epic songs like "Sabbath bloody Sabbath" over and over again, scared and exhilarated.

For a variety of reasons, I am working my way back through my life, looking at formative elements. Music in general (and metal in particular) plays a profound part in this narrative.

While I am certain you could not care less about my personal story, what may be fun is a joint exploration of eleven twelve albums (as these go to eleven), listed here in no particular order, that I have acquired since those early 1980s and never stopped listening to.

At some point I would like to explore what it is about these albums that made them stick. All of these are tunes I never grow tired of - in full length form. Often I cannot even name individual songs as favorites, there is something to the experience of the whole album.