Media Life Exhibit August-September 2012

Friday, August 24 (2012), the Media Life Exhibit kicks off in the Grunwald Gallery of Art of Indiana University, Bloomington (USA).

Media Life is not just the title of my new book (published with Polity Press), but has also been the inspiration behind a joint creative project between Dutch artist Miek van Dongen and myself, considering the consequences of living our lives inseparably fused with media.

During the writing of Media Life Miek - whose works are featured at this exibition - proceeded with her own series of pieces documenting her analysis of the media life condition.

Miek and I have been friends for well over twenty years. All this time, even though our careers took vastly different paths, we have been talking and thinking along similar lines: inspired by the messiness and the magical quality of our interactions with the world around us - and particularly with the role of technologies, machines, and media in our lives.

Miek's awesome work embodies the fusion of media and life, as she combines 'classic' paper and pencil drawings with digital and interactive animations. The book contains 16 original works by Miek, and the exhibition features even more work, including an audio/video installation.

If you are around, please stop by (and join our event on Facebook)!