Last Lecture At Indiana University

This Thursday, April 25 (2013),  I will deliver my last lecture at Indiana University, where I worked since 2004 (first as a visiting professor in the School of Journalism and the Department of Communication and Culture, now as associate professor in the Department of Telecommunications).

It will also be the closing lecture for 'my' cherished T101 Media Life undergraduate course - which I have been teaching pretty much since I got here, and was the inspiration for my 2012 book "Media Life" (published with Polity Press).

Obviously, this will be an emotional moment, and I plan to go out with a bang...

So, if you are around Bloomington at the time and feel like dropping by, you are very welcome to do so. The lecture is from 2:30 to 3:45pm in Woodburn Hall (the room has well over 400 seats). We'll keep the doors open.

There is also a live Twitter feed during the lecture: please use hashtag #T101medialife and/or follow @T101medialife if you'd like to participate virtually.

In case you are wondering, this is what that lecture should be about, on YouTube please check this awesome course movie trailer, created by former student Austin Guevara.

Looking forward seeing you Thursday, and if not, let me take this opportunity to thank IU, the students, staff and colleagues for giving me the most amazing nine years of my career and life.

Here is the slideshow for the final lecture (the lecture itself will feature many video clips as well; a recording should be up on this blog soon):