Media Life Book Review (1): Publizistik

After an early brief review by students of the New Media & Digital Culture MA program at the University of Amsterdam (with an interview, published October 2012), German scholarly journal Publizistik has published a full-length review of Media Life. The review was done by Maren Hartmann, whose work I am a fan of, so I'm thrilled that she would engage with my book.

The review - published June 2013 - can be found online at the publishers' website (in German). Some general remarks Maren makes focus on my overall optimism that shines through the argument about our lives as lived in, rather than with, media; highlighting the chapter on society in media (focusing on a world after the zombie apocalypse, where the zombie as a conceptual innovation helps to break down dichotomies between humans and machines, nature and culture, and so on); and how I tend to string together so many different authors, works and arguments, that at times my own voice drowns or gets lost. In general, Maren considers the book a kind of 'Theory Mashup' - a lovely way to describe what I was aiming for.