Media Life Book Review (2): European Journal of Communication

Next to a review of Media Life in Publizistik, John Corner has been also been so kind as to talk about the book at length in the European Journal of Communication (of April 2013).

It is a thoughtful and caring review, and I must agree with its conclusions. Here I quote the final paragraph of John's piece:
"Deuze has written an account which draws on a wide array of sometimes sharply original ideas about both entrapment and opportunity, organizing them vigorously and often with wit. Carrying accompanying artwork in the form of intriguing line illustrations, it has many provocative and enjoyable pages. However, it finally lacks the qualities which would have followed from a stronger concern with development rather than repetition, a more sustained contact with specific examples of ‘media life’ and a better sense of how its perceptions of the kaleidoscopic, the unstable and the ambiguous might help to progress the existing agenda of media research."
Let me take this point as a call to take more responsibility for the argument I am developing in the book, and apply it - either to research (and the engagement with method), or to the world of situated, particular, and generally less-than-equal lived experiences in media. I am listening, and look forward to continuing the work on this project with the help of students and colleagues in Amsterdam and elsewhere.

On a side note: I do think the ambivalent, kaleidoscopic, and multidimensionality (terms the reviewer uses) nature of my words in Media Life was also a reflection of my personal state at the time of writing. I found it exceptionally difficult to commit to any particular choice, perspective, or angle. Perhaps I was just overwhelmed with the abundance of consequences of thinking through such a simple premise: that we live in, rather than with, media.