Research Papers Available For Download

Several of my research papers, journal articles and book chapters (and one book) of the last decade are now available for download from the web. Please use for reference only.

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Available papers:

[themes: media life; digital culture; new media; social theory]

Deuze, M. (2011). Media Life. In: Media Culture & Society 33(1), pp.137-148.

Deuze, M., Blank, P., Speers, L. (2012). A Life Lived In Media. In: Digital Humanities Quarterly 6(1).

Deuze, M. (2006). Participation, Remediation, Bricolage: Considering Principal Components of a Digital Culture. In: The Information Society 22(2), pp.63-75.

Deuze, M. (2010). Survival of the Mediated. In: Cultural Science 3(2).

Deuze, M. (2009). Media industries, work and life. In: European Journal of Communication 24(4), pp.1-14. Note: this article has been reprinted as a book chapter in: King, Elliott, Russell Cook, and Mitchell Tropin (eds.) (2010), Currents in Communication. Dubuque: Kendall-Hunt.

[themes: media work; creative industries; media management; careers]

Deuze, M. (2009). The Media Logic of Media Work. In: Journal of Media Sociology 1(1&2), pp.22-40.

Banks, J., Deuze, M. (2009). Co-creative labor [editorial]. In: International Journal of Cultural Studies 12(5), pp.419-431.

Elefante, P., Deuze, M. (2012). Media Work, Career Management, and Professional Identity: Living Labour Precarity. In: Northern Lights: Film & Media Studies Yearbook 10(1), pp.9-24.

Deuze, M., Elefante, P., Steward, B. (2010). Media work and the economic recession. In: Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture 8(3), pp.226-231.

Deuze, M. (2009). The People Formerly Known As The Employers. In: Journalism Theory Practice & Criticism 10(3), pp.315-318.

Deuze, M. (2008). Understanding Journalism as Newswork: How It Changes, and How It Remains the Same. In: Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture 5(2).

Deuze, M. (2008). The Changing Context of News Work: Liquid Journalism for a Monitorial Citizenry. In: International Journal of Communication 2.

Deuze, M., Marjoribanks, T. (2009). Newswork [editorial]. In: Journalism Theory Practice & Criticism 10(5), pp.555-561.

Deuze, M., Martin, C.B., Allen, C. (2007). The Professional Identity of Gameworkers. In: Convergence 13(4), pp.335-353.

[themes: journalism; journalists]

Deuze, M. (2002). National News Cultures: Towards a Profile of Journalists Using Cross-National Survey Findings. In: Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 79(1), pp.134-149.

Deuze, M. (2005). What is Journalism? Professional Identity and Ideology of Journalists Reconsidered. In: Journalism Theory Practice & Criticism 6(4), pp.443-465.

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Deuze, M. (2004). What is Multimedia Journalism? In: Journalism Studies 5(2), pp.139-152.

Deuze, M. (1999). Journalism and the Web: an Analysis of Skills and Standards in an Online Environment. In: Gazette, The International Journal for Communication Studies 61(5), pp.373-390.

Deuze, M. (2009). Technology and the individual journalist: agency beyond imitation and change. In: Zelizer, Barbie (Ed.), The changing faces of journalism: tabloidization, technology and truthiness, pp.82-98. London and New York: Routledge.

Deuze, M. (2005). Popular Journalism and Professional Ideology: Tabloid Reporters and Editors Speak Out. In: Media, Culture & Society 27(6), pp.861-882. Reprinted in: Anita Biressi, Heather Nunn (eds.), The Tabloid Culture Reader, pp.229-245. McGraw-Hill/Open University Press.

Deuze, M. (2007). Journalism in Liquid Modern Times: an Interview with Zygmunt Bauman. In: Journalism Studies 8(4), pp.671-679.

Deuze, M. (2002). Journalists in The Netherlands. Amsterdam: Aksant Academic Publishers (USA/Canada: Transaction). Book.

[theme: convergence culture; participatory culture]

Jenkins, H., Deuze, M. (2008). Convergence culture [editorial]. In: Convergence 14(1), pp.5-12.

Deuze, M. (2008). Corporate Appropriation of Participatory Culture. In: Carpentier, N., Livingstone, S. (eds.), Participation and Media Production: Critical Reflections on Content Creation, pp.27-40. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishers.

Deuze, M. (2006). Ethnic Media, Community Media and Participatory Culture. Journalism Theory Practice & Criticism 7(3), pp.262-280.

Deuze, M. (2008). The Professional Identity of Journalists in the Context of Convergence Culture. In: Observatorio 2(4).

Deuze, M. (2009). Convergence Culture and Media Work. In: Perren, A., Holt, J. (eds.), Media Industries: History, Method, and Theory, pp.144-156. Malden: Blackwell.

Deuze, M. (2007). Convergence Culture in the Creative Industries. In: International Journal of Cultural Studies 10(2), pp.243-263.

Deuze, M. (2009). Journalism and convergence culture. In: Allan, Stuart (Ed.), The Routledge Companion to News and Journalism Studies, pp.267-276. London and New York: Routledge.

[theme: journalism education]

Deuze, M. (2006). Global Journalism Education: A Conceptual Approach. In: Journalism Studies 7(1), pp.19-34. Reprinted in: Tumber, Howard, Journalism: Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies. London (etc.): Routledge.

Bierhoff, J., Deuze, M., De Vreese, C. (2000). Media innovation, professional debate and media training: a European analysis. European Journalism Centre Report. Maastricht: EJC.

Material in Portuguese:

Deuze, M. (2013). Viver como um zumbi na mídia (é o único meio de sobreviver). In: Revista MATRIZes 7(2).

Deuze, M., Speers, L., Blank, P. (2010). Vida midiática. In: Revista USP 86, pp.139-145.

Deuze, M. (2006). O jornalismo e os novos meios de comunicação social. In: Comunicação e Sociedade 9(1), pp.15-37.

Material in Dutch:

Deuze, M. (2010). De journalistiek voorbij [Beyond journalism]. In: Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap 38(3), pp.242-249.