Journalism, Media Life and The Entrepreneurial Society

Update [27.02.15]: A version of the English-language paper has been published in the Australian Journalism Review.

Update [18.11.14]: An English-language working paper version can be downloaded through ResearchGate as well as Academia; please send me your thoughts and comments!

Excited to announce the publication of a new essay on journalism, media life and the entrepreneurial society (in Portuguese). This essay is part of a special issue on the labor market of journalism of the Brazilian academic journal Parágrafo, edited by Rafael Grohmann and published by the FIAM-FAAM University in São Paulo.

It is the first of what I hope will be many more forthcoming works on linking the concepts of my earlier work (on media work and media life) to an appreciation of precarious life (and work) in a world that has made all of us into 'entrepreneurs': risk-takers without reliable reward structures, pattern-breakers without trustworhty guardians or mentors, people expected to perform and produce on the basis of less-than-vague expectations and living in the illusion of control that a quantified 'everything' entails... 

Link to the entire special issue: Parágrafo 2(2).
Link to the essay: "Ojornalismo, a vida na mídia e a sociedade empreendedor"

At the moment, I am rewriting this piece for a future publication in English; feel free to contact me for more information. This essay is part of a larger project titled "Beyond Journalism" (together with Tamara Witschge); the project, originally conceived in 2007, has been put on hold for a while - to work on the media life project - but is now back in full swing :-)