Speaking Tour Fall 2017/Spring 2018

[updated: 24.10.17] Just listing a couple of places and dates for my current speaking tour. With sincere thanks to colleagues and friends in Australia, Spain, Scotland, Sweden, Germany, Finland and the United States for inviting me over! Generally these are public talks, so if you're around please drop by and say hi.

  • 11 December 2017

1130-1300 Invited speaker at the Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany.

  • 12 December 2017

10-1200: Guest lecture at the Department of Communication Studies and Media Research, LMU Munich.

  • 23 January 2018

9-1100: Research seminar at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University, Sweden.

Afternoon: research seminar the Department of Media & Communication Studies, Södertörn University.

  • 25 January 2018

Invited speaker at a Music Innovation Network Inner Scandinavia seminar at Karlstad University, Sweden.

  • 1 February 2018

noon-13:30: Roundtable at the Department of Communication at Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA.

  • 2-4 February 2018

Invited participant at the Social Science Foo Camp of Facebook, O'Reilly Media and SAGE at Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, USA.

  • 10 March 2018

Keynote speaker at Edinburgh University's Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Scotland.

  • 23 March 2018

Invited speaker at a national journalism conference at Tampere University in Tampere, Finland.

  • 6-9 May 2018

Paper presenter (with Oscar Westlund) at the World Media Economics and Management Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

Leven in Media: Hoofdstuk I (Samenvatting)

Eind 2017 verschijnt bij Amsterdam University Press mijn nieuwe boek Leven In Media. Op deze blog, via Twitter hashtag #leveninmedia, en op de speciale openbare Facebookpagina Leven In Media post ik regelmatig 'work in progress', nieuws en andere updates. 'Like' die pagina om op de hoogte te blijven!

PS: eerste zin van het boek: 

Door media hebben we steeds minder zin in seks.

Hoofdstuk I: In Media (Samenvatting)

Hierin een korte uitleg over waarom het beter is te spreken van leven ‘in’ media in plaats van leven ‘met’ media. Ontwikkeling van het argument waarom we niet meer kunnen praten over media die effecten op ons hebben maar het eerder moeten hebben over hoe wij en onze media samen evolueren en welke rol wij daarbij spelen. Inclusief een werkbare definitie van media als:
  1. de apparaten die we elke dag gebruiken;
  2. de manier waarop we deze apparaten gebruiken om te communiceren en alledaagse beslissingen nemen, en 
  3. hoe we media integreren in ons dagelijks leven en daarmee een sturende rol geven in de wijze waarop we onszelf en de wereld om ons heen zien en begrijpen. 
Uiteindelijk is het belangrijk om over de rol van media in ons leven te denken voorbij termen als 'goed' of 'slecht' – hoe verleidelijk dat ook is. De focus verschuift van wat media met ons doen naar wat wij in media kunnen doen: hoe kunnen we op een zowel ethische als esthetische wijze verantwoordelijkheid voor ons leven in media nemen?

Media Life: Open University Course in Amsterdam

In the Fall of 2014 The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies hosts my Media Life course. The course is open to students from any level (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and is free for students and faculty/staff registered or working at all Dutch universities.

Beyond this, the course is also open to the public! The University of Amsterdam charges 70 Euros per study point (ECTS), and the course is ranked at six points (total cost: 420 Euros). As I have tooled the course to be of particular interest to media and communication professionals who want some new inspiration for engaging with digital culture, I am really hopeful folks working in the media - journalists, film and television makers and producers, game developers, advertising creatives, spokespeople (for companies, government agencies, and NGOs), marketing communicators, public relations officers and any other makers, producers and communicators to sign up!

Information on the course (including how to sign up and register) can be found on the site of the IIS. Class sessions are once a week on Wednesday evening in a comfortable venue close to Amsterdam Amstel station, easily accessible from anywhere. Language: English. For reading we will use my Media Life book (Polity Press, 2012).

More info and updates can be found on the course Facebook page and official Twitter channel. The content of the course is best represented by this awesome movie trailer designed and produced by Austin Guevara:

Media Life - Official Trailer [HD] from Austin Guevara on Vimeo.

Let me be clear: this is not a course rehashing the tired debate between public and private life online, about whether online video games are good or bad for your kids, or what is wrong with Facebook's privacy policies... This is a course intended to break through those debates, expose the assumptions, values and idea(l)s behind them, moving forward to discuss not what is or what should be, but what we can do and what can be done.

Finally: please share, forward, and recommend this course to your friends, colleagues, and family - the more the merrier! I promise it will be quite a ride...

Top Twelve Albums 1984-2012

[update: March 24, 2014; needed to add one album]

It must have been 1984 when I bought my first album (on vinyl, of course), in a record store in the Woensel Winkelcentrum in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Perhaps it was a Van Leest store (today part of the Free Record Shop company), I do not remember.

What I do remember, is the album in question: Black Sabbath's "Greatest Hits" in a Dutch release (originally from 1977) with part of the epic Pieter Bruegel painting ("The Triump of Death") on its cover (see image, taken from Amazon). Staring at that cover for hours, listening to equally epic songs like "Sabbath bloody Sabbath" over and over again, scared and exhilarated.

For a variety of reasons, I am working my way back through my life, looking at formative elements. Music in general (and metal in particular) plays a profound part in this narrative.

While I am certain you could not care less about my personal story, what may be fun is a joint exploration of eleven twelve albums (as these go to eleven), listed here in no particular order, that I have acquired since those early 1980s and never stopped listening to.

At some point I would like to explore what it is about these albums that made them stick. All of these are tunes I never grow tired of - in full length form. Often I cannot even name individual songs as favorites, there is something to the experience of the whole album.

PopUp: Second Printing & eBook

Great news today from my friend and co-author Henk Blanken: our recent book PopUp is currently considered for a second printing by our publisher Atlas, and this edition will be "new & improved"... Also, we heard that the book might be released later this year as an eBook - which would befit a "new Media"-based tome. This is really exciting - and largely due to Henk's awesome storytelling and editing skills. The book is in Dutch and deals with the cultural clash between old and new media. Way cool.